Carnivore Conflict Reduction


Carnivore Conflict Reduction programs (CCR) are critical to maintaining producer viability as large carnivore populations stabilize, increase, and expand geographically, coming  in closer contact with agricultural operations and rural communities. Conflicts that occur threaten the long-term viability of carnivore populations as well as the resiliency and health of rural communities. The private lands that sew together our public lands are also  important spaces for fish and wildlife as they often support crucial migratory habitats or important winter ranges. 

Along with our partners, we work on wildlife connectivity and conservation policies to ensure predictable and stable funding, as well as improved coordination, at the state and federal levels to scale up CCR and increase support for locally-led carnivore conflict reduction efforts. Both wildlife and working lands benefit when producers have reliable and predictable access to a suite of tools and resources that address the root issue: preventing conflicts from happening in the first place. 

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