We are a land trust partnership working together to conserve clean water, iconic Western landscapes and the communities that depend on them.

The Heart of the Rockies Initiative is a network of local land trusts working together for better local results. Those local results add up across the landscape into vital outcomes for communities, economies, natural systems, and wildlife populations.

Our members are 26 land trusts, who work with private landowners across  the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, and portions of Washington and Utah.

We are making conservation dollars go farther by leveraging local resources with regional, state, and federal matches. We are protecting credibility by encouraging high standards of science, transparency, and accreditation. We are providing a stronger, more united voice for private land conservation. We are finding lasting solutions for challenges facing nature, rural communities, land managers, and family farms, ranches and timberlands.

High Divide

THE HIGH DIVIDE | OFFICIAL SCREENER from Grizzly Creek Films on Vimeo.

The High Divide sits in a continentally significant place, housing headwaters for the great Missouri and Columbia watersheds that flow to opposite oceans. It is a stronghold for wildlife that have disappeared from much of their historic range and is the centerpiece for connectivity between the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Crown of the Continent, and the great wilderness of Central Idaho.

Heart of the Rockies coordinates the High Divide Collaborative, a partnership of public land managers, state wildlife agencies, landowners, local community leaders, scientists, and conservation groups delivering a broad conservation vision for the region that includes the conservation and restoration of public and private lands.


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