High DIvide COllaborative

The High Divide Collaborative is a conservation partnership in the High Divide region of Montana and Idaho. The only project of its kind in the region, it brings together over 200 people in 80 different organizations to work together across boundaries to restore, protect, and sustain biodiversity, agriculture, rural communities, wildlife connectivity, and migratory routes. 

The High Divide Collaborative is convening a process called Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) to support the Collaborative’s shared vision for conservation. The LCD produces strategies that can help organizations and communities address threats to working lands and natural resources and optimize their investments to ensure a sustainable future for the High Divide landscape. This bottom-up non-regulatory approach is flexible and responsive to the unique needs and diverse voices of the region and individual communities. 

We participate in a new regional partnership focusing on non-lethal carnivore conflict reduction efforts through the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) program. The CIG grant will support tribal and landowner-led conflict reduction programs in the High Divide, help reduce the burden increasing carnivore populations put on landowners, and support the research of the following non-lethal carnivore management practices: carcass management, fencing, and range riding. The Landowner Led Conflict Reduction Partnership, coordinated by Heart of the Rockies, is a crucial partner in designing studies, conducting research, and collecting field data for CIG. 

Visit the High Divide website to learn more.