Capacity Building

One of the primary goals of the Heart of the Rockies Initiative is to increase efficiency and effectiveness of our partner land trusts.

  • We have secured more than $1.4 million in capacity re-grants for partners:
    • Contributed to addition/enhancement of 65 staff positions
    • Allowed considerable organizational advancement through development of new programs
    • Helped to enhance performance and credibility
  • TerraFirma easement litigation insurance
    • We originated and have long supported a concept of collective legal defense for conservation easements
  • Supported creation of Montana and Idaho land trust associations
  • Provide ongoing intensive leadership training
  • Provide training and mentoring opportunities

“The Heart of the Rockies Initiative has been instrumental in helping the Bitter Root Land Trust identify and conserve critical private lands in Western Montana.

The partnership’s focus on voluntary, private land conservation is responsive to the unique needs of individual communities in the Northern Rockies and its science-based conservation planning helps us evaluate and prioritize high-value conservation projects, sharply focusing limited organizational resources on projects that provide the most benefit on both a local and large landscape scale.

HOTR has been a critical partner in expanding our capacity, helping to create a $10 million local conservation bond, providing training for our staff and board, and providing needed funding to expand our staff to meet local demand for conservation services.”

– Gavin Ricklefs, Executive Director at Bitter Root Land Trust – Hamilton, MT