Rocky-Creek-farm-GVLTSaving a family farm is good.    Saving our agricultural heritage is better.


Twelve counties in the Heart of the Rockies region are among the top 21 counties in western states with the most prime ranchland at risk of development.                                 –  American Farmland Trust

Over the past 25 years, the Heart of the Rockies region has experienced accelerated growth of subdivisions and urban sprawl, paving over prime agricultural land and forever squandering this valuable resource. Farms and ranches not only provide food. They contribute to local economies, provide scenic open space and wildlife habitat, and contribute to clean air and water.

Converting working farms and ranches not only wastes a valuable resource, we are also losing our cultural heritage. The Heart of the Rockies keystone private lands are strategically identified for their prime soils, critical habitat and community values.