Why it matters

madison-TPLBanff National Park. Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. The Bob Marshall and Selway-Bitterroot wilderness areas. These sacred places represent North America’s pledge to future generations. As grand and beautiful as they are, from an ecological perspective – they are not intact and they are not safe.

Yellowstone elk depend on lowland ranches to survive winter. Bears wintering in Banff leave the park searching for spring food. The key – and vulnerable – habitat is often private ground, ranches and timberland.

The Rocky Mountain West is changing with explosive energy development, economic uncertainty for ranch and farmlands, and growing challenges from a changing climate. Oftentimes, private landowners want to do what’s best for the land, but are under unprecedented pressure and lack good options.

Through our focus on large landscape scale, we are taking the next giant step for conservation in North America’s most iconic landscape. Together we will forever conserve those strategically important private lands that literally hold this ecosystem together.